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What is couples counselling?

Updated: May 24, 2020

You can assume that, couples counselling is different to individual counselling. Individual counselling is all about the one person, their needs, what they want to improve or make better in their life. Couples counselling is about you and your partner. In couples counselling we deal with issues that may be hard to communicate, improving communication and healing so you can see a clear path to a better relationship.

When choosing couples counselling, just remember you don’t pay a counsellor to fix your marriage. Many think that this is the job, no they are there to be a guide to you, so you can fix your marriage. By exploring each others feelings, listening to your partner and following your counsellors suggestion you can make the improvements to save your marriage.

Don’t think you are going to go to one session and your relationship is going to miraculously improve. Marriage counselling as I said, is all about guidance. You and your partner leave the session and put the guidance into practice. Depending on how much effort you both put in, will determine how well your marriage will do in the future. You’ll both find how much easier the work is in counselling, than outside in your day to day lives. You may find yourself being totally frustrated with one another, while you are adapting to your new skills or a different way of communicating. But keep going, as the more you try the more you gain. Remind each other the reasons why you are doing this.

Don’t wait too long!

If you have started counselling because one or the other of you wants a divorce or separation, then it may likely be too late for it to be effective. Many couples wait far too long to try counselling, the initial problems have become many and the gap between the partners has become too wide. Couples don’t realise, that waiting too long to deal with certain issues can sign a death warrant for the relationship. When issues are not addressed, they tend to fester and become worse than they were in the beginning.

Couples counselling is much more effective when you seek help as soon as you recognise a problem, that the two of you can not solve together without assistance.

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