Online   Couples Counselling

Here, we learn there is no one to blame in a relationship built by two.

To correct the outcome of future stories, a change in interpretation and behaviour must happen. 


Why Online Couples Counselling?


I believe that online couples counselling can be hugely beneficial for certain individuals, particularly those who are housebound and/or disabled, carers who are restricted with their availability, parents who can not afford childcare, people who can not commit to regular appointments and those who are hearing impaired.


I am committed to providing an inclusive, welcoming, safe and confidential space where you can talk about thoughts and feelings freely.

Every couple is different, as a counsellor my role is to help you recognise and understand the communication, behavioural, sexual and emotional dynamics that might exist between you and your partner.


Couples counselling gets to grips with how you and your partner relate to each other.

What to expect from The Online Couples Counselling here at ZenCentre?


Your first appointment will provide an opportunity for you and your partner to discuss any issues within your relationship, identify any goals in couples counselling and begin a dialogue of open communication.


People often have questions about how couples counselling might help and we can address any concerns you may have about counselling at this first meeting.


The main purpose of couples counselling is to assist partners who have been or are experiencing struggles and challenges in their relationship and to get them back on track.


However, sometimes it may also assist in the amicable dismantling of a relationship for couples that are facing the daunting prospects and difficulties involved with separation or divorce.

What is One to One Counselling?


These are sessions for people who may have issues outside of their relationship, but may still be impacting those around them.


People who may be having intimacy issues or sexuality concerns which can stop them from having healthy and happy relationships.


These are individual sessions where you can discuss any problems away from your partner.


Sometimes it suggested you have a 1 to 1, which could benefit your relationship.  


How Can Counselling Help Marriages and Couples?

  • Resolving conflicts

  • Sexual/intimacy issues

  • Couples dealing with affairs

  • Communication issues

  • Cultural issues

  • Emotional needs not met

  • Pregnancy

  • Miscarriage

  • Mourning

  • Neglect

  • Religious beliefs

  • Separation

  • Sexual relationships

  • Sexuality

  • Social Pressure

  • Trust

  • Couples hoping to repair a relationship before it is too late

  • Couples looking to end a relationship in a healthy way

  • Abusive relationships

  • LGBT

Get insight on a wide range of subject linked with couples in relationships.

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Jessica and Bradley, Seven Sisters 

 Selling the idea of counselling has never been easy with my partner and he's always found a way out of it. Telling him he could still sit in his chair and just watch the laptop screen was perfect. We had 3 sessions with Zena, in some ways, it was just like talking to an old friend and really connected with us. She was so helpful to us and so encouraging.

Taylor and Veronica, Doncaster

   Brilliant just brilliant! Zena was so helpful through lockdown and so easy to talk to.

Linda and James, Angel

Thought it was going to be difficult, but Zena showed us different ways to  communicate with each other. It has rejuvenated our  marriage. Thank you Zena and thank you 

ZenCentre Online Couples Counselling