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Zencentre's Top Isolation Tips

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Hello lovely people,

A few months ago I offered a free chat service, to help others cope with the isolation and the uncertainty that they may have been facing. And what a great success it was! I spoke to many people, all with a different take on the virus and how to get through it. While talking to some people, it was clear that many where unsure, if they could cope full time with their partner and the worries of not having their own space. So I posted a guideline to anyone who was finding it hard, called Zencentre’s Top Tips For Surviving Isolation. To be of more help, I am going to break this guide down, so it’s a little clearer

Support one another

In isolation we are finding we are with each other far more than we are use to and with that there is the risk, that our differences can become more visible, which could lead to developing tension or conflict. Appreciate each other’s differences, rather than seeing them as a problem and resist the need for right or wrong.

Share responsibilities

Look for ways to bring harmony to the house and make things fair. When it comes to duties around the house, try to do them together or divide the work.

Give each other space

Create space for each other, as being together and sharing the living space may trigger blow ups between you. Allow one another to have an opportunity to sit in an area, where you can cool off or collect your thoughts. A garden is a great place for this! If your partner needs more alone time than you do, don’t take it personally. Remember we are all different and manage stress differently.

Don’t shy away from arguments

Arguing is healthy, it allows you to voice opinions freely. Disagreements can highlight feelings your partner didn’t know about. It can also help you develop compromises in your relationship, which may mean that you can agree to disagree sometimes.

Share your thoughts on the experience of isolation

Talk about your worries, fears and concerns with each other. Check in with your partner every once in awhile, to see if it is a good time to talk, this way your partner will be present and really listening. Switch of all distractions, face one another and talk. But remember talking and opening up does not mean you must come up with solutions. It is about you feeling heard, which can lessen the focus on fears that may lead to anxiety. Also, it encourages a stronger bond between you and your partner.

Encourage each other’s hobbies and interests

Hobbies allow us to switch off, it can be almost like meditation and therefore it can bring a calmness to us. It is a way of creating a space for ourselves, but you can still be in the same room as your partner. Appreciate each others talents and actively support them, as it will enhance your friendship within your relationship.

Remember you are the Batman to their Robin and great teams need to stay in tune with each other. This is the best time to rebuild and enhance what you already have.

Thank you all for reading

Zena Finn


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