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Trust and regaining it

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Hello and welcome,

As I touched on the subject of trust issues in the last blog, I thought I'd stay on this theme and go a little deeper. As I said before, trust when broken can be very painful and can also have a dramatic effect on how you see relationships in the future. In cases where there has been infidelity issues in a relationship, the knock to the ego combined with shame and the new sense of insecurity can make gaining trust back even harder.....but not impossible.

I've had clients come on a 1 to1 session, with the sole purpose of finding a way to prove that they can be trusted again by their partner. I make it clear there are no short cuts or magic wands to fix their situation and that hard work and a new approach to their relationship will be needed. Here are a few things that may help in gaining trust back:

1 Own up to the situation you have created

2 Be clear on why it is important to regain their trust

3 Tell the truth

4 Demonstrate your commitment to making changes and making things right

5 Counseling

6 Be patient and don't expect anything back

If the problem is infidelity then you may have to allow your partner full access to everything:

Emails, Facebook, phone and location of your phone. Password to your phone and computer. In this way they can check at anytime where you are and whenever they want. Overtime this will prove you are doing nothing wrong and will allow your partner to regain that trust in you again.

Remember good things come, to those who work and wait!

Good luck and thank you for reading

Zena Finn


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